Welcome to the world of WOW!

Imagine thinking an ice rink would be great on a cruise ship, or a carousel or dodgems. Well, Royal Caribbean didn’t just think about it they did it. These are just three of the hundreds of different features you’ll find on their ships. Not content with that they are operators of the largest cruise ships in the world. Innovation is Royal Caribbean’s middle name, they blow the doors off a sensible holiday! Welcome to the world of WOW!

One of the best for young and not so young

A cruise with Royal Caribbean is probably one of the best family holidays you can imagine. Needless to say there are a huge number of activities for kids but there are also quiet areas for grown ups. West End style shows and extraordinary acrobatic displays will entertain you in the evenings after a day of exploring a new port of call. If thrill seeking activities aren’t your thing then relax, chill-seekers can sit back and take in a breathtaking sunset from a bubbling whirlpool.

Style Cruises Recommends … … … Royal Caribbean

Warren has cruised on Royal Caribbean many times. As a family group, grandparents in tow and with friends. ‘Never saw the kids, they were far too busy to be with us! The ships have the WOW factor, in fact sometimes I have had to remind myself I am on a ship and not at a land based resort. So why not take the kids, cruise direct out of Southampton and experience the extraordinary world of Royal Caribbean’

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